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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  May 18, 2011 12:00am-1:05am EDT

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for everyone. the good news, one of the best seats in the house is finally open and it's all yours. i'm jeremy hubbard for "nightline" in new york. >> and sweet head band, jeremy. thanks for joining us, everybody. we'll see you tomorrow. >> dicky: tonight on "jimmy kimmel live" -- >> jimmy: there's no better time than now to be a navy s.e.a.l. or a guy in a bar claiming to be one. >> dicky: anthony hopkins. >> oh, my god. it's hannibal elelecter. >> dicky: andre agassi and from "dancing with the stars" kendra wilkinson. >> so i
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>> jimmy: hi, i'm jimmy kimmel with exciting news. "jimmy kimmel live," now has an app. that's right. we have an app, just like a real show. here now, our spokes model, katie. hello, katie. how are you? >> good, how are you? >> jimmy: go ahead. >> we are pleased to you katie -- what was that? >> jimmy: yours is in blue. >> i'm pleased to introduce the "jimmy kimmel live" app. >> jimmy: and we are pleased to have you. tell us about the ap features. >> jimmy: with this app, you can
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watch video on the go. >> jimmy: in the tub? >> if it's waterproof. >> jimmy: at the circus? >> i mean, sure, if you want to -- what if you lose it on a roller coaster. >> jimmy: even if you are riding a unicorn in heaven? >> a unicorn? it would be hard to ride and hold this at the same time. >> jimmy: okay, back to the cue cards. >> and you can read all of jimmy kimmel's hilarious personal tweets. and best of all, it's free and available on ipad and iphone and ipod touch. >> jimmy: how do we install it? >> jimm >> go to the itunes store and type your name -- >> jimmy: whose name? >> jimmy kimmel, duh. then click the free install button and wait for it to download. >> jimmy: wow, it's so easy, ooichb i can do. thanks, katie. >> dicky: the "jimmy kimmel live" app. available exclusively at the
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apple app store. "jimmy kimmel live," back in two minutes with anthony hopkins. andre agassi. and from "dancing with the stars," kendra wilkinson. hi. welcome. thanks for coming. we're going to head on into the interview. greg . . . greg . .. was fuel efficiency an important factor in buying this car? oh definitely. as all my friends would tell you, i am one of the cheapest people you'll ever meet. and whenever i was filling up with gas before, i'd have a scowl on my face. you seem very comfortable up there. have you done this before? no, i haven't, and i'm actually terrified right now. of course. ugh. ♪ [ male announcer ] icy cool intensity
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only at applebee's. there's no place like the neighborhood. open 'til midnight or later. >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- anthony hopkins. andre agassi. and from "dancing with the stars," kendra wilkinson. with cleto and the cletones. ♪ it's "jimmy kimmel live" >> dicky: and now, you best believe it. here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: hola. hi, i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thank you for joining us.
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you're here on a very good night. anthony hopkins is here. andre agassi is here. bin laden is not here, he's dead. everything's going our way. as you most likely know, osama bin laden was killed on sunday night. the initial reports were that he was killed by navy s.e.a.l.s. but we learned today he was killed by actual seals. they slid in on their bellies and smothered him with a beach ball, they were twirling it around. i tell you what, there's no better time than now to be a navy s.e.a.l. or a guy in a bar claiming to be a navy s.e.a.l. new details continue to emerge, describing bin laden's final moments. according to sources close to officials at the white house, bin laden's final words, and this is interesting, "are you guys here about the dishwasher?" [ laughter ] an early report suggested that during the raid, he used his wife as a human shield, which, i guess he could have used a fatter wife, right? but they've retracted that
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report, saying that did not happen. she was on the first floor, she was on the third floor. i like the human shield story better. i'm going to stick with that. the president and his staff watched the operation unfold on video, live from the white house situation room. isn't it sad every time i hear the word situation room, i think of "jersey shore"? she watched from the situation's room or from ronnie's room? white house staffers reportedly rushed out to buy food for the group watching at costco. isn't that great? what's more american than killing osama bin laden while biting into a kirkland brand turkey wrap? nothing. [ applause ] nothing at all. costco helped bring down bin laden. there's never been a more resounding confirmation of our way of life than that. it's amazing they can watch this happen live. one point during the viewing, vice president biden asked them to pause it so he could go to the bathroom.
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they had to explain it wasn't on tivo. bin laden's body was buried at sea. i don't know if this had anything to do with anything, but i ordered sushi today for lunch and i found what -- yeah, in my spicy tuna roll, i found what appeared to be a wad of beard hair. it almost ruined the meal. it did. i have a camera crew that films me eating all my lunches. all the interest in the execution adds up to big ratings on television. bin laden is bigger than oprah right now. it was even the lead story on "entertainment tonight" last night. the death of osama, the osmonds react. everyone is trying to work bin laden into their programming right now. but i think discovery channel came up with the best angle of all. >> this year, an historic shark week. the great white, tiger, bull, white tip and the hammerhead rapidly searching the sea for the most desired prey.
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osama bin laden's nuts. shark week, hunt for the nuts. only on discovery. >> jimmy: in the ocean, they're salted nuts. [ applause ] we're learning more about the, this million dollar mansion he was living in. first of all, it's the crappiest million dollar mansion i've seen in my life. i want to hire that real estate agent to sell my house for me. and by the way, as long as the navy s.e.a.l.s are taking out people in mansions, maybe they could pay a visit to the bad girls club? a number of items were confiscated along with five computers and more than 100 storage devices like dvds. they also found a bootleg version of photo shop, which, either way, he was going to jail for a very long time. let's just say that. they also found some pornography. as you can see, some very hot girl on girl action going on there. you can almost see the one's eyebrow poking out. the reaction to bin laden's
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death here in the united states has been pretty much unanimously positive. got a lot of likes on facebook. this has been a long tim coming. president bush promised we would track him down. president obama finished the job. and no one, no one was happier than this guy. >> woo! [ shots firing ] woo! [ shots firing ] >> jimmy: is he finished? no. no, he isn't. >> usa! usa! [ laughter ] usa! [ shots firing ] >> jimmy: okay. uh-huh. and -- yes, he just killed all his gardeners. >> woo! >> jimmy: all right, we'll see you later. usa.
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usa. it's -- [ applause ] that's us. that's us! he was also celebrating the release of season three of "the dukes of hazzard" on blu ray. [ laughter ] "time" magazine is planning to release a special issue on the death of bin laden. the cover will have a picture of his face with a red x across it. they've done this three other times before. they did this in 1945 with hitler. they did this once in 2006 when saddam hussein was killed and they did this about 18 months ago with crocs, which i still can't -- [ laughter ] figure out. but i think they did the right thing. i feel bad for news anchors this week. all day long they have to read the names osama and obama back to back. as you can imagine, they mix them up. >> there was an army of san francisco police officers protecting osama bin laden during his fund-raising trip to the city last week.
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>> jimmy: what? he had a fund-raising trip to san francisco? i knew they were liberal up there, but that is ridiculous. well, we can all agree, i hope, that it is good osama bin laden is gone. there's one thing we should thank him for. because of his death, we went a whole day without talking about charlie sheen. and i think that's something. [ applause ] don't get too excited, because it's over now. charlie sheen wrapped up his live stage tour tonight and then the navy buried him at sea. it was the most ill-fated tour since gilligan and the skipper set sail on the "ss minnow." charlie did try to do some good this week. he was in alabama on monday, meeting people affected by the tornadoes and said he's planning a fund-raiser for them. he said, he wants to give the area hope, faith and healing. alabama residents said they appreciate the gesture, but they're not sure how three strippers named hope, faith and healing are going to help them rebuild their homes. last night, during "dancing with
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the stars," abc ran the first p promo of the year for "the bachelorette." they announced that snooki will be the new smurfette. in a twist. abc is promising this season will be shocking. and i know that's hard to believe, because i know we always promise that. but from the looks of it, we're iteming the truth this time. >> she was the bachelorette that let fear get the best of her. >> we could have had something so good. >> but starting monday, may 23rd, ashley will follow her heart -- >> ready to get back in the ring. >> and 25 bachelors will follow her to the ends of the earth. >> whoa! >> in a season that will shock you. >> going to keep that on all night? >> and a moment that will shock her. the very first night. >> this year, we're all gay. >> super gay. >> i never knew that i would come in here and so soon be heartbroken. >> "the bachelorette" season premiere. monday, may 23rd on abc.
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>> i love chris harrison. [ applause ] >> jimmy: who doesn't? tonight, elimination night on "dancing with the stars" tonight. after a nationwide vote, kendra wilkinson is going home, which i'm sure is a bummer. but on the bright side, at least home doesn't come with an 85-year-old boyfriend anymore. so, kendra will be here later with her partner. wayne brady was on the show tonight, doing a musical tribute to the late james brown. and no one will be punished for that. [ laughter ] isn't that something? him doing a tribute to james brown is like clay aiken doing a tribute to james brown. right? on saturday -- [ applause ] no, not unless you mean it. no! mariah carey and her husband nick cannon welcomed fraternal twins to their lives. the babies were so star struck when they came out and saw who their parents were. they were really excited. today, mariah teased on her twitter page that both names, which have yet to be revealed,
12:16 am
will start with the letter m. hey, doesn't her name start with the letter m? what a coincidence. we got an advanced cover of "us weekly" and i'm proud to report that she's naming her children meat loaf and macadamia. so, your move, gwyneth paltrow. hey, this is good. this is from yesterday's game between the red sox and the angels at fenway park. that's a guy who ran on the field and -- oh, my goodness! speared by security. you know, if they keep doing that, we won't miss the nfl at all this year. one more thing. back to bin laden for a moment, if i could get serious for a second. [ laughter ] okay, it's over. his body is in the ocean right now, of that we are fairly certain. but what i wonder is, what becomes of his soul? it definitely didn't go to wayne brady. we know that for sure.
12:17 am
my hope is that he went on to a worse place. though it would be difficult to find a worse place than pakistan, i have to believe that he did. >> wake up, sleepy head. >> oh, fatima, i had the craziest dream. i was shot in the face and i went to hell. wait a minute -- you're not fatima. >> surprise! >> rebecca black? no! ♪ 7:00 a.m. ♪ waking up and you're in hell ♪ want to get away ♪ because you can't because you're stuck here ♪ ♪ what's the matter ♪ don't you like my singing ♪ hitler in the front seat ♪ saddam in the backseat ♪ got to make my mind up ♪ which seat can i take ♪ it's friday friday
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♪ fry in hell on friday ♪ and it's never going to be the weekend ♪ ♪ weekend ♪ suffering suffering ♪ suffering suffering ♪ fun fun fun ♪ friday will never end >> jimmy: well, that's -- all right. [ applause ] so, he's doing great. hey, we have a good show for you tonight. andre agassi is here. from "dancing with the stars," kendra and louis van amstel are here. and we'll be right back with sir anthony hopkins, so stick around.
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>> jimmy: oh, you just got to see our warmup guy running.
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we're a well-oiled machine here. we'll have to get an instant replay of that, if we could. thank you for watching. tonight on the show, a tennis legend and all-around great guy. tickets go on sale starting may 9th to see his return to the court versus other legends of tennis in the championship series. andre agassi is here with us tonight. and then, from "dancing with the stars," freshly eliminated from the competition, kendra wilkinson and her partner louis van amstel will join us. tomorrow night, we'll be joined by the director of "thor," kenneth branagh. from "the office" and the new movie "bridesmaids," ellie kemper and the new national school scrabble champions. every year, i play them. how old are these kids? like, 12. last year, i think i lost but i crushed them all the years before and tomorrow night i will crush them again and celebrate wildly so, please join us for that. do we have that replay ready. is that possible? we do?
12:24 am
there you go. all right. like a buffalo has been put in a suit. all right. there you go. that's don, our warmup guy, everybody. this enthusiasm doesn't happen on its own. our first guest tonight is an exceptionally talented man with an academy award to prove it. if he wasn't already before, he is now a god. you can see him play odin, father of thor, in the new 3-d movie "thor." it opens in theaters friday. please say hello to anthony hopkins. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: well, thank you so much for coming back. we had a lot of fun when you were here the last time. at least i did. i hope you did. i had a lot of fun. i know you are next door at the premiere of "thor" last night. >> premiere last night. >> jimmy: did you stay for the movie? >> oh, yeah.
12:25 am
i haven't seen it before. >> jimmy: rene russo was here and she did not -- does not like to see herself on film. >> i didn't see her last night. >> jimmy: i think she came to the line and took pictures and skipped out because she didn't want to see herself on screen. >> i thought it was something i said. >> jimmy: it wasn't you. she told me something interesting. she said you passed along some advice that was given, i think, by a franciscan monk? >> a jesuit priest. can i say it on here? >> jimmy: yeah. >> well -- rene, we were doing the scenes together in the film and she said she was slightly nervous. and she said, what do i do for nerves? i said, well, i once met a jesuit priest and he said to me, he said, i said, what is the shortest prayer in the world? he said, [ bleep ]. [ cheers and applause ]
12:26 am
well, you know -- you can bleep that out. >> jimmy: we'll bleep it. >> because, you know, when all else fails, [ bleep ]. or someone offends you, you said -- >> jimmy: it's great advice. >> and it releases you. you're not hurting anyone. just say -- >> jimmy: yeah. i think it is excellent advice. >> i come from england, i can't say things like that. >> jimmy: well, you've been here in los angeles for how long now? >> hundreds of years. 35 years. i came out in '73, came back again, lived here, went back to england, came out here finally and i love it here. >> jimmy: have you spent much time in the rest of the country? >> i travel around, get in my car, drive. i always go up to the big sur -- >> jimmy: the california coast? >> took my wife up there for my birthday. i like it. >> jimmy: you like driving yourself. you don't have a driver? >> i drive myself.
12:27 am
>> jimmy: do you blast the radio and that kind of thing? >> country western. >> jimmy: country western music? >> i used to drink tequila years ago, and i heard tom t. hall singing "old dogs, little children, watermelon wine." that just -- >> jimmy: that's a real welcome to america. [ applause ] >> those were my cocktail days. >> jimmy: did you get tom t. hall when you moved here or did you -- >> somebody introduced me to his songs when i was in my tequila days. >> jimmy: did you get to meet tom t? i think the t did stand for tequila, by the way. >> i didn't. but i did meet dolly parton. she's great. >> jimmy: oh, wow. did you tell her you were a fan? >> i did, yeah. >> jimmy: she must have been thrilled. >> kenny rogers, i wanted to meet him -- >> jimmy: you have? >> i wanted to meet johnny cash, but -- >> jimmy: that can't be arranged. if you like chicken, i think kenny will come anywhere you
12:28 am
are. so, okay, so, you have, you do get around. what happens when you pull over like, into a stuckey's? do people go crazy when you walk in? >> well, years ago, i drove down to -- "silence of the lambs" just came out -- [ cheers and applause ] i was on one of my road trips. i was traveling from utah to pittsburgh, but i went to long way, right down through the south. i go down to el paso, there was a holiday inn, pretty dark looking place. late at night. i walked in, nobody in the lobby except this woman behind the desk and i said, do you have a ro room? she said, yeah, okay, she goes, oh my god, it's hannibal lecter. those things happen to me. [ laughter ] so i bit her. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: you had to. >> i was offered the part in "jaws three" after that.
12:29 am
>> jimmy: okay, so, people get a little bit crazy. >> it's with me forever. >> jimmy: i know people in america especially like to bring this up, that you are a sir and i know it's something you get -- you don't like to boast. i would, of course, but as a sir, as a knight, were you invited to the royal wedding? >> which wedding? >> jimmy: the prince and kate middleton. >> i don't return their calls. >> jimmy: you didn't. so you were not invited? >> no, i wish -- my wife likes the dresses, you know, and i -- but -- i'm sure they are very happy. i never watch that sort of thing, no. i'm a big fan of "american idol." >> jimmy: women, that's the same thing. you mentioned that. >> i'm going to see it tomorrow night. >> jimmy: you are? you're going to the show tomorrow? >> i think the new panel of judges is the best. steven tyler, j.lo and -- >> jimmy: you like them better than simon cowell? >> well, yeah. people said, how you can like "american idol"? well, it's the american dream.
12:30 am
the talent this year is phenomenal. you have the young kids who come up and they sing and do -- >> jimmy: you're not really anthony hopkins, are you? >> no. >> jimmy: wow. who do you like? is there one in particular? because i couldn't -- >> well, they're so good, i can't -- i don't remember their names but they are all so good. >> jimmy: wow. >> how are they going to choose? >> jimmy: do you watch "dancing with the stars"? >> no. >> jimmy: you do not? >> my wife does. >> jimmy: she does. do you know who she is rooting for? >> i have watched it. yk you. >> jimmy: you have. but it's not a show you're going to show up at. will you be on camera and ryan seacrest will say, anthony hopkins is in the audience? >> maybe. >> jimmy: well, make sure you're paying attention, not scratching yourself when it happens. biting anyone. you don't want to do anything like that. we're going to take a quick break. when we come back, we'll talk about "thor" and his dad. anthony hopkins is here. we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] wonder where the durango's been for the last two years?
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thor. odin's son. you have betrayed the express command of your king. through your arrogance and stupidity, you have opened these peaceful realms and innocent
12:36 am
lives to the horror and desolation of war. you are unworthy of these. unworthy. you are not worthy. i know take from you your power. in the name of my father and his father before. i cast you out. >> jimmy: that is anthony hopkins in "thor." it opens friday. i liked it a lot. i enjoyed it. i took my son to see it. we enjoyed it. you seemed very god-like in the film. >> i got a little action figure -- >> jimmy: i have it. is this your first? the shield is like a garbage can lid or something.
12:37 am
>> hey, what is that? >> jimmy: that sword is not for vegetable chopping, that's for sure. i don't know. do you have the shield in the movie? >> no. >> jimmy: it's got a button -- oh, it has blades on it. hey, whose idea was it to go with the eye patch in the movie? because -- >> part of the legend, i guess. >> jimmy: in -- really? in no, sir mythology? in the comic book, he would occasionally have the eye patch. i have a picture of you with the patch. and i was wondering if by any chance you got this idea from rihanna. no? [ applause ] she's not been on "american idol," as far as i know, but -- well -- the movie came out great. do you like watching 3d films? did you wear the glasses? >> i took them off halfway through and my eyes went very strange.
12:38 am
say something which is probably not welcome by the 3d guys, but -- i find it kind of distracting because once you've got the first joke, you know, things coming off the screen, you say, okay, i got it. and then you sit there with the glasses on. and everything looks slightly, kind of cut out, but no, it's great. everyone seems to like it. >> jimmy: i wish life was in 3d, you know? >> well, actually, i couldn't see anything with the eye patch. so, i'd go on the set in the morning, very danrous set. big steps. i have no depth of vision. so, they lead me on. i felt like an old, old man. instead of the 45-year-old that i am. so, they'd say this way, you go -- >> jimmy: and you had that big sword. >> big sword, yeah. >> jimmy: is that real, or -- >> oh, yeah. >> jimmy: how much does that weigh? >> it was a big -- oh, 20 pounds. >> jimmy: really? >> oh, yeah. >> jimmy: and you could swing that around? >> yeah. >> jimmy: i would have demanded a wiffle sword. i really would have. great to see you. congratulations on the movie. [ cheers and applause ]
12:39 am
say whatever you like. >> say one thing -- the great thing about the movie is, ken's direction. he's a great, great director and chris hemsworth and tom -- wonderful. >> jimmy: kenneth will be here tomorrow. i will share your compliments. >> great director. >> jimmy: great to see you. thank you again. "thor" opens friday. anthony hopkins, everybody. we'll be right back with andre agassi. can i help you ? are these tablets-- mom, allow me. are these tablets flash-ready ? yes. which ones ? these, including the samsung galaxy tab. what about movies ? straight from android market to the motorola xoom. 4g upgradable ? 4g lte upgradable. you always wear glasses ? only when i'm not wearing contacts. he's clean. my job is done. a wide selection of tablets at great prices... from those who know them best-- verizon.
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>> jimmy: hi there, we're back. still to come, kendra wilkinson and louis van amstel from "dancing with the stars." our next guest is an eight-time grand slam winner, an olympic gold medalist, a best-selling author and soon a new member of both the tennis and jean shorts halls of fame. you can see him soon against other legends of the game in the champions series. from fabulous las vegas, please welcome andre agassi. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: andre, this is not a tennis court. you have to come directly to the couch. you can't run from baseline to baseline. >> i have to see my dear friend from vegas. >> jimmy: you and cleto have
12:45 am
known each other for a long time. >> we have. >> jimmy: what do you think is the best thing about growing up in vegas? >> the best thing, for me, in particular, the best thing was this, my mother worked from 5:00 in the afternoon, she got off work. my dad started working at 4:00 in the afternoon. i was at a tennis club from 4:00 to 5:00. my mom would pick me up. at 5:00 from the club. we would have to get grocery money from my father who worked in the jubilee and celebrity showroom of the mgm grand hotel. so, here is the deal. i would walk into this, this hotel and he was either in the celebrity room, which had the dean martins and the sammy davis jr.s coming through or in the jubilee room where you had the chorus line of women who were topless. so -- >> jimmy: that is good. >> my greatest joy were the rare nights that he worked in the jubilee room because all the
12:46 am
boys that were living on tips, they would say, your dad is seating somebody right now. why don't you wait right here and they would scoot me to the side and give me a nice little eye line. >> jimmy: that's las vegas for you. >> it left a mark. >> jimmy: i bet it did. most people don't get that when they go to their dad's work. >> that's for sure. >> jimmy: surprised you didn't become a captain there in vegas, with an impression like that. >> i still have some time left. don't count it out. >> jimmy: happy birthday, by the way. i know it was your birthday on friday. [ applause ] >> i made it. 41. >> jimmy: your lovely wife, did she give you anything great? did she give you, like, a mercedes or something, or a royals royce or something? >> she gave me an awesome gift. >> jimmy: what did she give you? >> i don't know. >> jimmy: why not? >> because she took the gift and had to hide it, when you have a 9 and 7-year-old in the house, you don't want them to sort of sneak it out. so, she hid the gift and she can't remember where she hid it.
12:47 am
>> jimmy: really? >> she literally cannot remember. so, we're still looking for it. >> jimmy: i hope it isn't a puppy. by the way, how are your families getting along? because there's a great story, one of many, in your book "open" about the first time your dad met steffi's dad. >> and the last time. >> jimmy: the last time? tell that story. >> steffi's father and my dad have about three things in common. tennis, soccer and boxing. they were both boxers. so, when her dad came to vegas, he didn't want to go see any shows, he wanted to go see this ball machine that taught me how to play tennis through my childhood, which is the dragon. this really homemade thing that my dad did. he's a mad scientist. i take him to my dad's house, he's flattered. he getting to show the ball machine. walks my father-in-law through the house down to the court. my father-in-law barely speaks
12:48 am
english. i mean, at best. my father speaks five languages and english is, like, not one of them, okay? so, we head down to the tennis court, he fires up the dragon and this thing makes all sorts of noises. and he wants me to demonstrate how good this machine is. that this machine can just beat my ass. he puts the machine on full power, the thing is throwing in bombs and he wants me to show my father-in-law how i can't handle it. so i stand over there and sure enough, the thing is coming, 120 miles an hour with spin and as he's telling my father-in-law just how he built this machine, he realizes that my father-in-law is telling me about my backhand. so, peter, stef's dad says to me, here's your problem. you never had this shot. the shot i taught steffi, this nice easy backhand slice. she always had. so, he's doing this. my dad looks up and he did two things wrong. first of all, he wasn't listening to my father. that's a problem. secondly, he's messing with his,
12:49 am
like, star pupil, right? and he's messing with the one shot that paid all the bills, right? so my dad comes over there and rips the racket out of my hand and tells peter, okay, if steffi had not this, but if she had this shot, with two hands, she would have won 32 grand slams. so, they start getting in this argument about which shot is better, right? and i'm standing there, mind you, i take the racket out of his hand. it looked dangerous when he was swinging it. they start arguing, and the ball is flying 120 miles an hour, i'm missing most of them, they are going between them and my dad makes a boxing analogy, because tennis is a lot like boxing. what i do effects what you do. he make as boxing analogy and peter says, boxing, oh, you're a boxer. and he takes off his shirt and he shows him what great shape he is for his age. he says, i was a boxer, i would have knocked you out, right? so my -- that's the third thing you don't do to my dad is tell him you're going to knock him out.
12:50 am
so, they both break down into boxing positions, i mean, they're pushing 70, 75 years old. and, the sun is beating down and they start shadow boxing, and peter tells him, you know, no, i would have kept you at bay with my jab. my dad is ducking and weaving, and they are throwing blows. coming within inches of each other. i eventually, ball's flying by me, i separate them. one of the most surreal experiences of my life. but what was even more surreal was getting home and having stef ask me, so, how did it go? [ laughter ] >> jimmy: not that well. [ applause ] >> no, no, no. >> jimmy: andre agassi is here. the champions series, we're going to talk about that when we come back. tickets go on sale may 9th. we'll be right back with andre. i was driving in northern california. my son was asleep. i really didn't see it coming. i didn't realize i was drifting into the other lane. [ kim ] i was literally falling asleep at the wheel. it got my attention, telling me that i wasn't paying attention.
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>> jimmy: we're back with andre agassi. i want -- congratulate you, you've been inducted, almost inducted to the international tennis hall of fame. that's pretty exciting. [ cheers and applause ] the international tennis hall of fame. >> it is pretty cool. >> jimmy: do the kids at your school, for those that don't know, andre runs a school for kids and it's a great school, agassi prep in las vegas. do they -- do they know you played ten snis tennis? what do you they think you're up to? >> they think i build schools for a living. every time i go there, they're not talking about my tennis, they are talking about, thank you, this place, here is where i would be if i wasn't for this. a k through 12 independent public charter school. for the kids that need it the most, the kids that society has written off and my idea was to simply bring resources, accountability, give it to those children and prove you really shouldn't write any child off and we're failing our next generation. >> jimmy: and you've been so successful with this school, as
12:56 am
far as the kids going on to college, and -- >> well, yeah. i've been doing it for 12 years now. we had our first two graduating classes last year. our first one, the year before last and our two graduating classes, 100% have graduated and went to university, which is -- >> jimmy: that is fantastic. that's unbelievable. [ applause ] >> yeah. >> jimmy: so, when, with this sports teams at the school, do you go and do you give them pep talks for big games? >> well, you know, when i got inducted into the hall of fame, we had just won the state championship in basketball and i was in new york at the time, i was playing against pete in the madison garden -- >> jimmy: sampras? >> yeah, that guy. >> jimmy: yeah. >> and the game was going on that night so i sort of called before the game to kind of chat to the guys, see if they were nervous. they lost in the finals in the championship game a couple years earlier and i sort of gave them my experience. at the end of the day, i've been in that position 1,000 times.
12:57 am
>> jimmy: you phoned in and spoke to them? >> i did. they put me on speaker because they wanted to chat with me. i simply asked them if they were nervous and they said yes, i said, that's good. that means you care. if you're nervous, you care. i asked them if they thought the other team was nervous. they said, yeah. i said, good. both teams are nervous. all those nerves are going to go away. the one thing in sports, and one thing in life, there are things we can control and there are things we can't control. you won't be able to control the refs calls, you won't be able to control how well the other team plays, if the ball goes in, goes out. what you can control is how hard you work, how focused you are, your discipline, your preparation, you've done all that. you know what it is you're going to do out there. so, here is the deal. control what you can control better than them and you're going to come away with the trophy. >> jimmy: so, a much shorter version of that is what, is basically what anthony hopkins said to us, the advice he was given earlier. >> well, listen, he's an absolute hero of mine since "shadowlands" but i didn't hear
12:58 am
what he said what did he say? >> jimmy: he said [ bleep ]. >> oh. >> jimmy: you haven't say that for the kids, though. the champions series, you are going to be playing against some of the guys you played with. >> i've gathered together, jim courier gathered together myself, pete, jim courier, michael chang, borg, mcenroe. we're playing 12 cities. each one is a one-night deal. you bring your family for one night. level of entertainment is unparalleled. you get to see six legends and me. perfect. >> jimmy: how do you see everyone play at that time altogether? >> there are four in each city. we're going across many different cities. two singles matches. a semifinals. then a match in the finals of the winners. two and a half, three hours of just classic tennis. i promise you we can play well enough to create nostalgia. >> jimmy: and none of you guys like each other at all. so, it's not like this kind of thing, where, like, hey, whatever. you guys -- you want to beat each other.
12:59 am
>> yeah, me and pete, are you talking about me and pete? >> jimmy: you and pete. i don't know what's going on. there isn't a lot of camaraderie from what i can tell in the world of tennis. >> well, it's a very independent sport. you eat what you kill. so, it's like, my success comes at your demise. so we've kind of been bred to, you know, create your demise. >> jimmy: if you want to see andre eat pete, you can. tickets for the champions sere reap goes on sale may 9th. andre agassi, everybody. we'll be right back with kendra wilkinson and louis van amstel.
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1:02 am
>> jimmy: well, hello there. we're back. our next guest tonight is the sixth contestant to be eliminated from "dancing with the stars" this season. here with her dance partner louis van amstel, please welcome -- with the appropriate amount of sadness -- america's sweetheart, kendra wilkinson. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: how are you guys? are you, like, terribly disappointed? >> oh, yeah. >> bittersweet. >> no, it's -- >> jimmy: you're not? >> we ended on a really good note. i mean, we had our ups and downs. >> jimmy: i thought you did well last night. were you surprised? >> i am. >> jimmy: yeah, right. you got really upset last season, you were dancing with margaret cho? >> yeah, because in week three, they screwed up our story line,
1:03 am
it was about a gay pride thing and it was a completely different story, but -- it's all right. >> jimmy: this time, do you feel like things went as planned? you did the best you can do, and what -- >> i'm so proud of kendra. she's come so far. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: are you proud of louis? >> i am so proud of him. >> jimmy: you guys are proud of each other then. that's good. >> yeah. aw. >> jimmy: is it true that you told your husband he was not allowed to pray for you while you were on "dancing with the stars"? >> no, i mean -- in the beginning i said -- i mean, he goes into football, like, going into it as a normal day, and that's the way i like to do it. i don't like, you know, game day to be any different than any other day. i just want to go into it, very, just, normal, level headed and just, you know, and then i remember telling hank, just, please, be normal, don't, you know, and he's like, can i pray for you, please, and i'm like -- ah. >> the answer is no. >> jimmy: in retrospect, maybe he should have prayed. >> i guess so.
1:04 am
>> jimmy: did he vote, did he text? >> oh, yeah. we -- i did, too. >> jimmy: you did? >> oh, yeah. >> jimmy: you voted for yourself? did you vote? >> i can't. i still have a new york number. once we get out it's already closed for our time zone. >> jimmy: really? you're not really committed to winning, i guess -- >> apparently not, since i've never won the trophy. >> jimmy: you know, there are a lot of ways -- maybe that's the thing that made the difference is that louis didn't vote. >> thanks for making it worse. >> jimmy: well, that's why i'm here. >> thank you. >> jimmy: did you feel uncomfortable, maybe you were wearing too much clothing while you were dancing? >> some of the times that was true. >> jimmy: is that right? >> less is more on me and these last couple of weeks i went out there and felt like me. i felt free, i felt like, you know, the first couple weeks i was like, kind of clothed a little too much. >> jimmy: let's look at some of your dancing.


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